I Dream Of Jinki

How am I only now seeing this?!? Where are all the Onho shippers?

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The manager told Onew to go to the front of the line, but Onew noticed how long the line up was behind him. Instead he walked to the back of the line like the well-mannered leader we know. The rest of the members followed behind him diligently 

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The cuuuuutieeee!

Love it!!!


The cuuuuutieeee!

Love it!!!

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Cute and Adorable Jinki moments at Seoul Music Awards.


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Chubbier cheeks but still so handsome Onew. I’m obsessed with this fan cam. 

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Slow mo closeup fan cam featuring Ontongue O.O

Loved Onew’s look at this Lotte World Christmas concert, with his shiny hair and tightly wrapped leather clad Onthighs.

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Jinki being all charismatic & teasing us with a few tantalising glimpses of Ontummy during Shine. 

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I thought the youngest girl looked familiar! Its Kim Soo Jeong from Star Golden Bell when Onew used to be on the show a lot! Onew is still her favourite, I see >.<

Lol, poor Kwang Hee.

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Oh my…so handsome…can’t wait for HQ pics.

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